#NoApologies Coalition

Our coalition of undergraduate governments and first-generation, low-income student groups are mobilizing to increase college access. 

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First-Generation, Low Income Student Organizations

  • First-Gen@Brown
    • Alexis Rodriguez-Camacho, Monica Yang
  • Columbia First Generation, Low-Income Partnership
    • Lizzette Delgadillo
  • Cornell First Generation Student Union
    • Paula Muñoz
  • Dartmouth First Generation Network
    • Bethany Malzman, Alexis Castillo
  • Harvard First Generation Student Union
    • Derek Ponce
  • PennFirst
    • Candida Alfaro
  • Princeton Hidden Minority Council
    • Melana Hammel, My Bui
  • Yale Undergraduate First Generation Low-Income Partnership
    • Nicole Sanchez, Christina Chen
  • Emory First-Generation Low- Income Partnership
    • Harpreet Singh
  • 1vyG Yale Conference Team
  • 1vyG Executive Board
    • Viet Nguyen, Alexis Rodriguez-Camacho, Joseph Vukel

Undergraduate Student Governments

  • Brown Undergraduate Council of Students
    • Viet Nguyen, Tim Ittner
  • Columbia College Student Assembly
    • Nicole Allicock
  • Cornell Student Assembly
    • Jordan Berger, Matthew Indimine
  • Dartmouth College Student Assembly
    • Nicholas Harrington
  • Harvard Undergraduate Council
    • Yasmin Sachee
  • Northwestern Associated Student Government
    •   Christina Cilento
  • University of Pennsylvania Undergraduate Assembly
    • Sola Park
  • Princeton University Undergraduate Student Government
    • Myesha Jemison, Daniel Qian
  • Associated Students of Stanford University
    • Jackson Beard
  • The University of Chicago Student Government
    • Eric Holmberg
  • Yale College Council
    • Peter Huang


Institutions that have eliminated application fees for first-generation, low-income students

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