Launch: No Apologies InItiative 

1vyG is excited to announce the launch of the No Apologies Initiative, the goal of which is to eliminate application fees for first-generation, low-income applicants by the 2017-18 application cycle. A coalition of low-income, first-generation student groups and undergraduate governments has come together to advocate for these changes as a means to increasing socio-economic diversity in higher education. 


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1vyG 2017

From Posts to Progress: Leveraging Social Activism to Actualize Institutional Reform for First-Generation College Students

Yale University

February 24 - 26, 2017


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Brown University, Van Wickle Gates

First in the Family

The face of higher education is changing. As a result of initiatives over the past decade, first-generation, or students of color, or low-income high school students have never been more sought after or recruited by leading universities. 

The transition between home and any college is often a substantial shift for any student, but for a first-generation college student grappling with the power, privilege, and responsibility of the Ivy League, it often feels like coexisting in two fundamentally different worlds.

If elite universities are specifically recruiting first-generation college students to their campuses, how are they creating resources that produce equitable access to opportunities?

How can students best support each other, their communities, and change the world for the better? 

Best Practices

1vyG's approach is to identify, systematize, and then disseminate the best practices of support for first-generation college students, by looking at local and national practices.